................Escape to the Forest for an hour or more of Wellness and Rejuvenation..................


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Thursday, October 8th @ 6:30pm Integrative will be hosting a NORWEX® Demonstration.  Harmful chemical free cleaning solutions for a healthier you and family. Silver weaved cleaning cloths clean microbials often more efficient and thorough than harmful chemical cleaners. No obligation to buy. Come on out to see a possible alternative option to your current cleaning solutions.
NEW....... Certified Aromatherapist and Master of Acupressure.....
Integrative is a lovely, little wellness studio located on Cook Forest's scenic River Road. Escape to the forest for an hour or more of wellness and rejuvenation. Integrative is owned by Desiree Zeller, Wellness Professional, with ten years of hands on experience in both spa and therapeutic massage settings. Integrative is one of the best values in the area including; weekday discount massage therapy (inlcuding evening hours!), skillful and experienced bodywork, all-inclusive massages with only 100% pure, therapeutic quality essential oils (optional) and high quality organic massage oils and creams! Desiree is also a professionally trained Yoga teacher and offers seasonal outdoor classes and one-on-one Yoga Therapy Training designed for your specific needs.  For a listing of Desiree's credentials and education, click here. Click on appropriate tab to left for more info. 
Studio located on the scenic River Road attached to the Zeller family cottage.
Peaceful, quiet massage room with relaxing music of your choice.
Serenity Tea Room with a view.
Scenic River Road
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